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2016 in books

January: Girt - David Hunt February: The Heist - Lee Goldberg and Janet Evanovich March: Murder can kill your social life - Selma Eichler April: The way some people die - Ross Macdonald, In Cold Blood - Truman Capote May:... Continue Reading →

Is Your Noisy Neighborhood Slowly Killing You?

Interesting article on Mother Jones. I'm now a city dweller but I grew up in a country setting so background noise definitely annoys me. It's obviously so much nicer to hear the wind in the trees and the birds singing... Continue Reading →

Movies and trying to review them

I have given several reviews on movies throughout my time with Origami Chainsaw and I feel as if I've given the few films I've reviewed a bad run through. Upon recent courses I have undertaken with 'The Writer's Studio' and... Continue Reading →

What is going on Hollywood?

For quite awhile now. I imagine most of us film nerds and television aficionados have been lamenting the decline in quality written films and yet we've been watching a rise in quality writing found only on television. Can I ask,... Continue Reading →

How to turn $10m into $520m in less than two years

https://foragerfunds.com/bristlemouth/dick-smith-is-the-greatest-private-equity-heist-of-all-time/ This is a little old but a very interesting read about how Anchorage Capital bought Dick Smith from Woolies and sold all their shares within a few years making _massive_ profit. We all know how Dick Smith ended up.


With Narcissism - Defined as; An excessive self love. On the rise and people talk about their fear of being seen on Instagram, gasp – twice, in the same outfit. Can we really continue to pretend in the year 2016... Continue Reading →

No Ordinary One

There is a mum. Who's no ordinary one. As she doesn't know what to be. So she goes for a surf. Just did a loud burp and popped out a couple of kids. You see it is. She never knew... Continue Reading →

Mothers Day - An Ironic poem

Consumption. Consumption. It's all that you read. So go on buy up. Buy more then she needs. A new robe. Some socks, or just another cup. Mum needs it all, so go on - buy up. It's all on sale... Continue Reading →

Positivity and Writing.

When I read over my recent postings, submitted in line with my writing course I can't help but think parts of it sound a little too self help, reading as if it were a dear diary entry. Is that how... Continue Reading →

Enter the Grief Police

I liked this article from The Atlantic, Enter the Grief Police. Bowie's death is the first recent celebrity death that actually affected me and I saw a few people online saying essentially to get over it, that's something I've definitely... Continue Reading →

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