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September 2015

It's a Twin Peaks dance off!

Continuing my unintentional Twin Peaks theme, I managed to fail terribly at this Dance Dance Revolution style browser game, I was playing by myself though. You however, can grab a nearby human and join a sobbing Leland Palmer as either Audrey... Continue Reading →

The Smiling Man

A few christmas' ago my sister and her husband had me watch The Smiling Man, needless to say it had my stomach in knots. I hadn't felt that heart thumping, bone tingling fear in years. My Interest was sparked and... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Log Lady

Catherine Coulson's Log Lady character was only a small part of Twin Peaks but she left a big impression. I recently saw the David Lynch exhibition, Between Two Worlds, and in the entry there was Log Lady, preparing you with... Continue Reading →

Squiggles of the week

I caught the newspaper bug early. I was one of those cool kids who would spend the weekend with my Grandparents and early on a Sunday morning Pop would walk down to the shop and buy the papers. I'd often... Continue Reading →

Watching Movies with Children; The Chronicles of Narnia

Watching Films with one's children can be a struggle of choices, from watching a film that suits the varying ages of your offspring to choosing a film that as an adult won't bore you with sentiment, tedium or just plain... Continue Reading →

Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child - NYTMag

Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child Very long article about a Barbie with artificial intelligence. That's not scary at all. Hat tip to Stilgherrian's 5at5 newsletter for this link.

Stevyn Colgan's Colouring book is the kind I'd like to buy

I've really been digging the illustrations @stevyncolgan has been posting on twitter for his upcoming colouring book. Really twisted and more interesting than the books I've seen in the shops. I recommend his twitter feed if you'd like to see more..... Continue Reading →

Se7en's "Box Scene" - Art of the Scene

Nice little ~15min analysis of the "What's in the box?" scene from the finale of Se7en. Maybe don't watch it unless you've actually seen the movie, k.

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