I caught the newspaper bug early.

I was one of those cool kids who would spend the weekend with my Grandparents and early on a Sunday morning Pop would walk down to the shop and buy the papers. I'd often tag along and be rewarded with a couple of musk sticks, or a bag of marshmallows.

Then back at Nan & Pops I'd read the cartoons while enjoying an after breakfast sugar high. So you see, it's not my fault, this sickness, it's genetic and definitely linked to insulin spikes.

Broelman Red Lock CDownes Mal Dance DPope Mal Parkour22Sep15 DPope VW Emissions 24Sep15 HockeyCigar Knight Tony Move out Rowe - Credilin1stDogTonyForgetting

This is but a tiny smattering of the weeks squiggles, I hope in the future to make this more comprehensive and get some attribution happening. For now, thanks to the artists, you guys are awesome.