A few christmas' ago my sister and her husband had me watch The Smiling Man, needless to say it had my stomach in knots. I hadn't felt that heart thumping, bone tingling fear in years.
My Interest was sparked and I went onto read the original Reddit witness account that the Short YouTube film had been based upon.


This account makes your nerves jump and logically (if like me) living half way around the world you know this encounter cannot possibly happen to you, but lying in bed after having read it, you can't help but fall asleep thinking upon it.

I often go back and read the LetsNotMeet subreddit, when I'm in need of something quick to read and maybe a little scare and from time to time I happen to come across a well written story but most don't live up to the quality of The Smiling Man. 

If you ever feel in the need of a good Scare and find most mainstream films and stories uninspiring. I highly suggest you give The Smiling Man ago, I promise it won't disappoint.