Better late than never right? Public Holidays and weekends.. am I right? .....*crickets*

Anyway. I liked this Andrew Weldon in the current Big Issue. Malcolm's face has just the right amount of smarm.

2TurnbullPlan - AWeldon

David Pope in the Canberra times is predictably good.

2TonyMissOpp - D Pope2MyFairTreasurer - DPope

First Dog can always  ruin your day with some sobering statistics sneakily hidden in his cartoons.

2 LetstalkDV - First Dog

David Rowe seems to have a psychic link with Tony's consciousness.

2 ToNarcissus 2MalDinnerSummit DPope

Poor Bill, By Andrew Dyson

2Billhole - ADyson

Ron Tandberg 

2RayTony - Tandberg

and I missed this from Cathy Wilcox from a few weeks ago but it tickles me too much not to post

2Breastfeeding4Aus CWilcox

Until next week, enjoy your squiggles~