So much happening last week, we've got the TPP, more upset Tony lovers, Syria commentary, Sad Bill and delusional Campbell. Onward for more cartoons~

Cathy Wilcox's version of this family just look so very unhappy, almost makes you feel sorry for them. Almost.

3 unhappy family CWilcox

And in the same vein we've got a very uncomfortable bridge to be under by Mark Knight

3Usedtobe MKnight

Some clearly radical kids from Peter Broelman

3TPPradical Broelman

Sean Leahy illustrates the hordes at Campbell's book signing.

3CanDo Leahy

David Rowe's drawn Mal as a beautiful Mad Hatter and poor Bill looking so forlorn.


3Penaltier DRowe 3WindowShopping DRowe

And there's just so much going on in his Putin/IS cartoon. The blood around the goalie, Putin's puffy sexy unnerving stare, poor clumsy Obama..

3SexyIcePutin DRowe

Staying overseas we've got an angry wardove from Glen LeLievre and Pat Campbell lamenting the destruction of ruins in Palmyra.

3PutinDove GLeLievre3BulldozedStatue PCampbell

Oh, and the weirdness in the preview image is from Andrew Weldon.

Until next week~