Squiggles sounds a lot like an alternative Wiggles band to me now. I might have to think of another name >_< Ugh, I know.. thinking, right?

LeLievre and Andrew Dyson riffing on the potential lowering of the age at which a control order can be placed on a suspect.

4 LeLievre Night Watch4 Dyson JihadJoe

David Pope has a truly terrifying version of Brandis for us to have nightmares about. Julie Bishop and Barack Obama are looking rather dumbstruck in the skeleton of the downed MH17.4 Pope HideousGeorge 4 Pope Plane

And this on children in detention just gets more depressing the more I look at it.

4 Pope DetentionTreadmill

David Rowe does a little work on offshore processing and banking.

4 Rowe OffshorePDutt 4 Rowe CayMalcN

Cathy Wilcox is funny about changes, and I think we share fears about the new Barbie news announced the other week.

4 Wilcox MalChanged4 Wilcox Barbie

The last couple are from Greg Smith and Andrew Dyson. One silly, one sad, both accurate.4 Smith Corridors4 Dyson MalAbFlag


And sometimes you just don't have time to read First Dog, those are sad times.

The featured image today is Phantom Tony, resplendent in a half mask and background of green by the wonderful David Rowe.