Recently I was invited to join a book group and as a newly joined member I have not once been to a book club meeting, or even managed to read the monthly chosen books.  Often I am already halfway through an entirely different book.

The Farm by Tom Robb Smith was one of these monthly choices and I was looking forward to reading a novel outside of my usual chosen genres. However with no available copies of The Farm left to my disappointment I simply choose the next book on the shelf by Tom Robb SmithChild 44 instead and was glad that I forced to.

Child 44 is set in 1950s Soviet Russia. Leo Demidov is a MGB agent who loses everything when he refuses to denounce his wife, Raisa as a traitor. Exiled he begins secretly to work on a series of child murders that are occurring along with his wifes and a new friend help, Leo goes onto discover more then he expected.

I found Child 44 to be an engaging read which had me wanting to spend more time in this world and with these characters. A book you can't put down and where the surprise of plot points and twists you may not have seen coming, thrill and excite you.

Whilst Tom Robb Smith's attention to detail in documenting the horrific times of soviet Russia makes you glad you're sitting on a plush lounge in modern Australia.

I can't wait to lose myself again in Leo's world in The Secret Speech if only I could find an available copy