I'm terrible at book reviews. Ask me to summarise a book and I freeze. I think about all that happened but stutter to explain it all in a few simple sentences and instead tell you in great detail about how this minor character found some vital clue. My excuse to myself is that I read, watch and play too much to possibly remember and review it afterwards. Perhaps I should take notes.

Enough navel gazing, on with the revi.... my thoughts on JK's third journey into Cormoran Strike's detective agency.

Robin takes a bigger role in this novel and we learn a lot more about her past and motivations for being a detective. Cormoran is still Cormoran. Gruff as ever, lumpy and limping after his suspects (of which there are several in this novel). The two leads relationship also develops in this novel but sadly we're still in the will they/won't they territory.

The gory beginning of this novel is the delivery a disembodied leg to Robin at the detective agency. From there you're quickly swept into the search as Cormoran has at least four suspects. You are almost overwhelmed with detail as Robin and Cormoran traverse the country trying to find the Shacklewell Ripper. I was certainly mis-directed and (again) did not guess the killer by the end.

Something I noticed is that JK peppers her prose with little references to the mundanity of life, cleaning and grocery shopping. Particularly from Robin's perspective. It's almost like seeing a character go to the toilet, something everybody does but you just don't see it in fiction. It was nice though because you can relate, everybody has to do the washing up sometimes, even detectives.

A couple of reviews I like were from The Guardian and The New York Times, go there if you want some plot synopsis, but I heartily recommend Career of Evil, an engaging, pulpy and enjoyable read 4/5 Chainsaws.