When I read over my recent postings, submitted in line with my writing course I can't help but think parts of it sound a little too self help, reading as if it were a dear diary entry.

Is that how my inner monologue sounds - mushy.

For example.;

In nature there are no straight lines, so why should I want for, perfection. I wish not to reach perfection but to strive to learn more, achieve more, judge less, love freely and laugh often.
I want to believe in my writing and have the confidence to learn from it and move forwards with it.
There is no room in my life to be chasing after a ghost.

That was my interpretation of perfection and please do excuse my spelling and grammatical errors sister dear, we both know it is not my strong point.

Another one of my truth nuggets read thusly;

When learning to surf one must have the attitude to get out the back amongst the more experienced guys and own it, otherwise you will never get a wave. The same could be said of writing, it takes perseverance, practice, time and courage. Sprinkled with just a little bit of attitude.

In the face of all adversities, you do not quit, you do not give up, that’s attitude.
To have the courage to write something and put it out into the world, that’s attitude.
To have the patience to continue and take the time to learn and create, that’s attitude.
Believing in one’s dream, despite what’s others say or what blocks get in the way, that’s attitude.

Attitude is a state of mind as well as an emotion.

Blah de blah moop de moop, do please stop preaching now - I can hear my inner narrator bellowing at me. Whilst the guy standing next to her shouts - take your shirt off.

In closing - Writing is a form of meditation, as adults we lose our sense of play but play is so necessary to our very existence, our writing, or any form of art can be your play.
It can be meditative and we need something that allows us to feel calm, something that helps us to make sense of our lives and this crazy messed up world we share.

That's one of mine. Use it wisely.


It's all good!

It's all good!