Consumption. Consumption.
It's all that you read. So go on buy up. Buy more then she needs.
A new robe. Some socks, or just another cup.
Mum needs it all, so go on - buy up.
It's all on sale and it is oh so cheap, new cotton feetsies for twelve fifty – sweet.

You know she needs it. You know she wants it.
For without new stuff to fill up her day.
How will she know that you love her a million ways.
So you know. Get out there, go shopping. It's almost here.
What you may say – Well mothers day, my dear.
So It's time to go shop. Go shop her proud.


What your still here, you haven't gone yet.
What's wrong with you.
Don't you know there are presents to get.
The shops they are calling you.
The Catalogues are here. Every one is shouting – Come spend your money here.
There are pillows and throws and even rings for your toes.
More shoes, more food, oh and she'll have some of those.
There is ever so much stuff that she needs. Don't you know.

So much stuff to get ma.
Perhaps she does need that. A new gold rack for all of those bras.
Or perhaps a new dazzler to jazz up her street.
Or something speedy to get her racing down the street.
Because you love your mum right. For all that she did.
So you know. Go get out there, go shopping. It's almost near.
What – Well mothers day, silly dear.


Consumption. Consumption.
You know it's all the rage.
From Bateman to Kardashian it's all over the front page.
That consumption is the things that we need to brighten our day.
So it's time to get up. Get up off the couch and get out there. Get shopping.
Don't be a grouch.
She needs some new stuff. To sit with that old stuff.

No. You don't say.
You've never thought of that.
How lonely all that stuff feels when there is no new stuff about.
Stuff isn't just stuff. It has feelings too.
When it's no longer mothers day. How selfish of you.
What about stuff. It needs to feel too.

So you know. Go get out there, go shopping. It nears.
Mothers day is coming. It's almost here.
Don't forget what she has done. All things that she did.
So go on get out there. Go buy her some crap.
Because of what the shops said and they sold you on that.
They said that's how you show what love is.

For mum's there is nothing better to cheer.