There is a mum. Who's no ordinary one.

As she doesn't know what to be. So she goes for a surf.

Just did a loud burp and popped out a couple of kids.

You see it is. She never knew what it is, or rather who she wanted to be.

She listened too much of what everyone thought on who they wanted her to be.

She forgot all about that young girl hidden inside. The one who'd climb high just to touch the sky.

Who chased fairies and lived in creeks and often went muddy for weeks upon weeks.

Too much thought was put in other peoples thoughts and unfortunately was to her dismay.

But the play that then came, came with a price and adolescence can be such a bitch.

So she drank way too much and achieved too little.

And in hindsight was such a dick.

Now this mum who's no ordinary one.

Still doesn't know what to be.

But she's choosing the path that Captain Good Vibes took and has found it a joy to be.