For quite awhile now.

I imagine most of us film nerds and television aficionados have been lamenting the decline in quality written films and yet we've been watching a rise in quality writing found only on television.

Can I ask, what the fuck is going on Hollywood?

Having just saw through two long hours watching Suicide Squad. I sat emotionless watching characters move, action happen and various plot points spoken, yet there I sat still and felt - nothing, no fear, sadness, glee or terror. Nothing. I'm truly dissappinted in the quality of films reaching our screens.

I can't presume to know what is happening in the world of film. As I sit at the beginning of my writing career, I've yet to experience the ups and downs in the business of selling one's stories.

I can only speculate and as the consumer who's paying for a good, expecting to be entertained. I would ask for a refund from the movie studios that have dissappinted me too often over the years but I know I will never get one.

Rather then prattle on to the point that my column would become a directionless rant. I offer you a few articles better arguing my point.

Long live television and the rise of quality writing found inside the box. Or maybe just read a book.




"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery but Today is a gift"