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Watching Movies with Children; Indiana Jones, The Complete Adventures

Recently I have been watching quite a lot of South Park and you may be thinking what the f*** does that have to do with Indiana Jones but bear with me. One of the episodes (S12, Ep8) had a storyline of Indiana Jones being abused... Continue Reading →

The Smiling Man

A few christmas' ago my sister and her husband had me watch The Smiling Man, needless to say it had my stomach in knots. I hadn't felt that heart thumping, bone tingling fear in years. My Interest was sparked and... Continue Reading →

Watching Movies with Children; The Chronicles of Narnia

Watching Films with one's children can be a struggle of choices, from watching a film that suits the varying ages of your offspring to choosing a film that as an adult won't bore you with sentiment, tedium or just plain... Continue Reading →

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