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Creeping (creepy) surveillance culture

"As I wear this and walk around, it's checking all the faces I walk past and all the vehicles I walk past and notifying me if any of those people are on my watch list," This Stealth mode? item from NPR about... Continue Reading →


Really interesting article over at Deadspin about the man who was Vigo the Carpathian (that creepy painting from Ghostbusters II). Have a read and be unnerved with more detail than you ever knew you wanted to know. Deadspin: The Hateful Life and... Continue Reading →

Squiggles #4

Squiggles sounds a lot like an alternative Wiggles band to me now. I might have to think of another name >_< Ugh, I know.. thinking, right? LeLievre and Andrew Dyson riffing on the potential lowering of the age at which... Continue Reading →

The Girl in the Spider's Web

It's a long time since I read the original Millennium trilogy, not quite as long since I saw David Fincher's version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. So to re-familiarise myself with Lisbeth, Mikael and all of the confusing... Continue Reading →

Life Aquatic: Priscilla Lynch Swim Debuts “Into the Water”

Bored one evening I began browsing through my WordPress feed and came upon this article introducing an eco swimwear line, I was intrigued by the beautiful artistry alone. Such a beautiful campaign for these environmentally made swim suits. Could it... Continue Reading →

How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously

The descriptions of pain and the debilitating wait in this article just made me wince and shake my hands willing it to all be ok. My heart is still in my mouth a few minutes after reading. A harrowing read... Continue Reading →

Summary of the TPP

Obviously not the whole thing since it's still secret. Van Badham's article here does a good job of explaining the complexities around the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Choice has a good summary too (and a possibly too late to sign up to... Continue Reading →

Watching Movies with Children; Indiana Jones, The Complete Adventures

Recently I have been watching quite a lot of South Park and you may be thinking what the f*** does that have to do with Indiana Jones but bear with me. One of the episodes (S12, Ep8) had a storyline of Indiana Jones being abused... Continue Reading →

Weird Shark found

Apologies for the Newsweek link but this shark found in Scottish waters is really weird looking. http://www.newsweek.com/bizarre-sofa-shark-found-scotland-380140 I only apologise for the link because you too might suffer the humiliation of being told you've reached your 5 article limit despite... Continue Reading →

Watching Movies with Children; The Chronicles of Narnia

Watching Films with one's children can be a struggle of choices, from watching a film that suits the varying ages of your offspring to choosing a film that as an adult won't bore you with sentiment, tedium or just plain... Continue Reading →

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