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Fire breathing in bullet time

Just watch the clip, it's only 1min 50 and so pretty. Almost as good as staring into a bonfire. [vimeo https://vimeo.com/132024990]  

The Smiling Man

A few christmas' ago my sister and her husband had me watch The Smiling Man, needless to say it had my stomach in knots. I hadn't felt that heart thumping, bone tingling fear in years. My Interest was sparked and... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Log Lady

Catherine Coulson's Log Lady character was only a small part of Twin Peaks but she left a big impression. I recently saw the David Lynch exhibition, Between Two Worlds, and in the entry there was Log Lady, preparing you with... Continue Reading →

Se7en's "Box Scene" - Art of the Scene

Nice little ~15min analysis of the "What's in the box?" scene from the finale of Se7en. Maybe don't watch it unless you've actually seen the movie, k.

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