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Summary of the TPP

Obviously not the whole thing since it's still secret. Van Badham's article here does a good job of explaining the complexities around the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Choice has a good summary too (and a possibly too late to sign up to... Continue Reading →

Squiggle Time #3

So much happening last week, we've got the TPP, more upset Tony lovers, Syria commentary, Sad Bill and delusional Campbell. Onward for more cartoons~ Cathy Wilcox's version of this family just look so very unhappy, almost makes you feel sorry... Continue Reading →


It's not often I get to read a good Comic book/Graphic Novel.  Nor do I really go searching for some to read but once in awhile I'll have one given to me and I am always pleasantly surprised and happy... Continue Reading →

Watching Movies with Children; Indiana Jones, The Complete Adventures

Recently I have been watching quite a lot of South Park and you may be thinking what the f*** does that have to do with Indiana Jones but bear with me. One of the episodes (S12, Ep8) had a storyline of Indiana Jones being abused... Continue Reading →

Weird Shark found

Apologies for the Newsweek link but this shark found in Scottish waters is really weird looking. http://www.newsweek.com/bizarre-sofa-shark-found-scotland-380140 I only apologise for the link because you too might suffer the humiliation of being told you've reached your 5 article limit despite... Continue Reading →

Squiggles of the week #2

Better late than never right? Public Holidays and weekends.. am I right? .....*crickets* Anyway. I liked this Andrew Weldon in the current Big Issue. Malcolm's face has just the right amount of smarm. David Pope in the Canberra times is... Continue Reading →

Fire breathing in bullet time

Just watch the clip, it's only 1min 50 and so pretty. Almost as good as staring into a bonfire.  

David Rowe Colouring Book for Christmas

For that snarky political bore in your life that you have no idea what to buy there's now this! It may be yet another colouring book but this one is drawn by David Rowe, he of the amazing AFR comics. The preview images... Continue Reading →

It's a Twin Peaks dance off!

Continuing my unintentional Twin Peaks theme, I managed to fail terribly at this Dance Dance Revolution style browser game, I was playing by myself though. You however, can grab a nearby human and join a sobbing Leland Palmer as either Audrey... Continue Reading →

The Smiling Man

A few christmas' ago my sister and her husband had me watch The Smiling Man, needless to say it had my stomach in knots. I hadn't felt that heart thumping, bone tingling fear in years. My Interest was sparked and... Continue Reading →

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